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Strategic Planning Committee (Leah Wood)

The Strategic Plan Committee presented the TCOS Strategic Plan at the 2017 Annual General meeting and received feedback from the membership. This feedback was incorporated into an Action and Responsibility Chart that was circulated to the committee heads of each TCOS committee outlining the actions, activities and initiatives for each committee to undertake over the next five years to help the TCOS achieve its strategic goals

Sub Ad Hoc Committee - Social Media (Karen Nicholson/Rebecca Fels/Jenny Faries/Liz Carson)

Sub Ad Hoc Committee - Sponsorship (Stacy Liu/Mallory Coughlin)

Sub Ad Hoc Committee - Mentorship ()

International Orthoptic Association Representative (Linda Colpa)
The role of the International Orthoptic Representative is to represent the Canadian Orthoptic Society on the International Orthoptic Association's (IOA) Council of Management. The control of the IOA is vested in its members. This control is exercised by resolution at general meetings of the Association. All members are eligible to attend and vote at any general meeting except ophthalmologists. Between general meetings, the Council of Management manages the business of the Association. The Canadian IOA rep represents TCOS membership by serving on the Council of Management and the various Standings Committees, Networks, and Special Committees run by the Association. The Canadian IOA rep represents the interests and aims of Canadian IOA members (all TCOS members) and informs TCOS of IOA activities.
International Joint Commission of Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology, IJCAHPO Representative (Maria Pryde)

The TCOS has a primary representative and an alternate who monitor and report on the activities of IJCAHPO. It is mandatory that the TCOS representative(s) be IJCAHPO-certified.

Continuing Education Committee (Linda Colpa / Stacy Liu)

The Canadian Orthoptic Council, COC has created a system whereby continuing education (CE) credits are assigned to various formal and less formal education opportunities. Submitting adequate CE credits is a requirement for Orthoptists needing to maintain their COC certification.The CE Committee is chaired by a member of the COC. Two TCOS members are elected to manage the 2 separate arms of the Committee.
The Committee’s two arms are:

  • Individual submissions of CE activities to the COC
  • Credit application process to IJCAHPO, COC and/or AOC

Consortium of Canadian Orthoptic Training Programs, CCOTP (Jocelyn Zurevinsky)

Provide a forum for communication with Accreditation Canada, the Canadian Orthoptic Council via the Education Committee, and The Canadian Orthoptic Society on matters pertaining to accreditation and national orthoptic competencies. Proactively identify, initiate and implement projects which relate to education and research. Develop submissions, responses and press statements, as appropriate, on issues of national importance in the area of education of orthoptists. Maintain relationships with and complement the work of other bodies involved with education for orthoptist including the IOA, AOC, COC and AACO.

Scholarship Committee (Jeff Locke, Liz Carson)

The committee selects a topic and students entering their second year of study in a Canadian orthoptic training program may submit a topical paper for consideration. The student must adhere to all committee guidelines. The committee adjudicates submitted papers and selects the best entrant.

Membership Committee (Cailin Sheridan, Dawn Pickering, Bradie Armbruster, Sonia Manuchian)

To review concerns pertaining to membership enrolment. To initiate opportunities which increase awareness of the TCOS and orthoptics amongst our membership.

SubCommittee - New Graduate Liaison

To support and communicate with new graduates of Canadian orthoptic training programs in order to improve their academic and clinical introduction to the profession of Orthoptics and the TCOS.

Public Relations Committee (Jeff Locke)

To initiate opportunities which increase awareness of the TCOS and orthoptics amongst the public and other allied health professionals.

Newsletter Editor (Karen Nicholson)

The first newsletter of the Canadian Orthoptic Society (TCOS) was published in January 2001 and by 2007 the newsletter was named "TCOS Focus". The Focus is a forum for TCOS members to communicate, inform, and learn about their Society and its members.

Executive Expenditure Committee (May Chidiac)

Reviews all requests for financial support and administers the Executive Funding Support project.

Website and Historian Committee (Dena Hudson)

Responsible for content changes and information updates to the TCOS website.

Receives, organizes chronologically and stores files and information no longer in current use by the Society.

Current webmaster: Dena Hudson

Registrar (Stacey Durling)

Responsible for collecting and distributing information regarding job positions available for Orthoptists.

Editor and Crest Committee (Stephanie Sobey, Dawn Pickering)

Obtain information pertaining to orthoptic journals and their availability to the TCOS membership. Order and distribute, at a cost, TCOS professional pins.

Errors and Omissions Liaison (Heather Fennell-Al Sayed)

Obtain information pertaining to error and omissions insurance and provide these options at a cost to the members of the TCOS.

Local Arrangements Committee

Assists with the organization, administration and event planning of the annual meeting.

Scope of Practice Committee (Jocelyn Zurevinsky, Dawn Pickering, Vaishali Mehta, Teresa Warren)

Social Media Committee (Liz Carson, Karen Nicholson)
Sponsorship Committee (Mallory Coughlin, Stacy Liu)
Bylaws Committee
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